Firewood processor ALTO KSK-50

May be small in terms of size, but it is a powerful machine. In spite of its small dimensions, it is an efficient and comfortable device for firewood processing. The machine has one large cover, which makes operating comfortable. ALTO KSK-50 is equipped with a 13-inch saw plate, which allows cutting logs of up to 30 cm in diameter and firewood with a maximum length of 50 cm. The machine is also fitted with a conveyor roller, which is easy to operate. The feed of the saw and the conveyor roller are operated with the same control lever. Each customer may assemble their own machine. All accessories are secured with bolts. Drive shaft, or electric engine may be chosen as the power source for the machine. The saw blade is lubricated automatically. It is possible to regulate the amount of lubricant depending on the diameter of the log. The firewood processor is equipped with a special accelerator valve which regulates the force and speed of the cylinder depending on the strength and length of the wood. Thinner logs are split faster. With thicker logs, the machine implements full force at the initial stage to split the wood, and later it accelerates. The splitting cycle of ALTO KSK-50 is 3 seconds, which is one of the fastest among similar machines. 
A longer conveyor of 3.8 m, in feed conveyor lenght 2,5 m and a log lifter can be ordered as accessories.