STEFAN ARAND won UIM GT-15 World Championship 2015 Imatra (FIN) and now he is champion in five different classes with six World Champion titles all together. And there is no surprise, that he was elected as UIM Junior   Driver of the Year three times (2016, 2017, 2018).

2014 GT-15  World Championship bronze medal

2015 GT-15  World Champion

2015 GT-15  European Champion
2015 JT-250 European Champion
2016 JT-250 European Champion
2016 GT-15  European Champion
2016 GT-15  World Champion
2017 JT-250 European Championship silver medal
2017 GT-15  European Champion
2017 GT-15  World Championship silver medal
2017 GT-30 World Champion
2018 GT-30 World Champion
2018 GT-15 World Champion
2018 GT-15 European Champion
2019 GT-30 European Champion
2019 GT-30 World Champion Championship silver medal
2019 Offshore 3J World Champion
2021 F-4      European Champion
2022 F-4      European Champion
2022 F-4      World Champion
2023 F-2      World Champion Championship bronze medal