Hydraulic suction nozzle/brush ALTO H-120

The suction nozzle has been designed to be used with the leaf vacuum. When used together, they allow you to clean leaves and grass from lawns, streets, roads and squares quickly and efficiently. The suction nozzle is attached to the front of a tractor to its lifting mechanism and connected through a hose to the leaf vacuum that is coupled to the rear of the tractor or is on the brawbar of a trailer. The suction nozzle is equipped with a hydraulic rotating brush, which enables to collect leaves that have stuck to the ground. The brush is rotated by a hydraulic engine. The attached frame of the suction nozzle/brush is a floating system that ensures that the ground is properly worked. In order to clean different surfaces effectively, it is necessary to be able to regulate the distance of the brush from the ground. To this end, our suction nozzle/brush is equipped with the option of up and down regulation of its support wheels, footrests on the right and left sides of the housing and curtain in the front. Low maintenance requirements make it easy to take care of this tool.